Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Little Big Man is Ethan, he's walking around everywhere now, I think his favorite word was "Hot", I loved when I swoop him up and talk to him in a whisper, he makes little whisper sounds right back to me. This kid loves too eat. He makes this wonderful ahhh sound evertime you show him a piece of food. I see my Papa when I look in his eyes, but I also see myself, from pictures I've seen of myself when I was this age.

Eli is a happy kid, he's really into everything, he loves Autumn more than anything, he's such a polite kid, always saying thank you and please. Just him looking up and telling me when I was bouncing him on my knee playing "Giddup Horse" that makes me happy Uncle Derek makes me smile. I'll hold onto that feeling for a while.

Autumn is growing like a tree, I take pictures of her in this tree every year and watch how she grows, it's quite amazing. She's turning into quite the little lady.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I enjoy watching my family. Sherry and Mark the newlyweds, they just got married back in May. The first two days they were kind of going through something, but they were fine by about day three, Dena and Andy the boys parents were lovey dovey as always. My brother Lance and Amy, the newest couple, Autumn really likes her. I think she's really sweet. I saw Amanda too, she came over and brought us some dressing and made a cake which I thought was really sweet. I love my family. They are all awesome in their own special ways. Mom was extra sweet, and loved having her children all in the same place. She looked so pretty with that smile.

We went for a walk down the dirt road and we saw an old well out in the middle of some land, we walked up to it and checked it out. I wonder about the hand that laid brick for brick for their drinking water. Then I looked up and saw Autumn and mom looking at some birds flying over, perfect shot. Now Eli wasn't too fond of the well as you can see when mom tried to pick him up and show him the well.

Do you remember that first tooth you lost. Well Autumn lost her first tooth as you can see, I asked her to open wide so I could take a picture. She got a two dollars from the tooth fairy and a note you need a magnifying glass to read. Saying you need to brush more. She now got another tooth that is a bit wiggly. Is the tooth fairy making more money these days because I never got that much for my teeth.

I took the three out for a walk in the cotton fields, Autumn and Eli loved it, but Eli wasn't too sure of it, the cotton didn't taste anything like cotton candy to him.

I'm back home from Thanksgiving, I've found myself thinking a good bit about how much we learn from adults when we are little. I thought about this a lot while I was with my niece Autumn, and nephews Eli and Ethan. The way I am right now with myself and the way I think about myself is the way I learned from reactions of others around me when I was little. I want to build them up, make them feel confident about something in their lives. Make them happy. God is still speaking, He speaks to me many times through them.